You’re stuck because you lack strategies that will propel you to be successful


Are you ready to finally take action and go after your dreams and your goals? You know, that idea that has been lingering in the back of your mind, the one you can’t quite turn off? The reason you haven’t launched your business or seen growth on your blog is because you lack the key strategies to succeed. Without the proper structure, strategy and knowledge, you will be spinning your wheels and only to get zero results.

The 90 Day Sprint is a one-on-one service and coaching program that will guide you through the process of turning your business or blog into a profitable source of income through 6 coaching calls, strategies and guidance – you will learn how to talk to your audience, provide value and successfully monetize your passion.

The 90 Day Sprint is for you if

  • You are a blogger or entrepreneur who is ready to get make yourself profitable
  • You are a blogger or entrepreneur ready to leverage your current audience and turn crickets into coins
  • You are passionate about your brand and willing to put in the work to go to the next level
  • You are tired of Google and Youtube University and you want real answers
  • You are ready to make the financial and time commitment to invest in yourself and apply the strategies provided to grow

The 90 Day Sprint is NOT for you if


  • You are not a self starter and can’t be bothered to follow instructions
  • You half ass everything that you do and hope for the best
  • You are not willing to fully commit 90 days to apply the strategies you receive
  • You do not believe you have what it takes to succeed
  • You do not see the value in investing in yourself financially to get where you want to go

Here’s how we’ll work together

  • Narrow down your niche – there are well over 2 billion people in the world and your brand is specific to a group of people. Do you know who your target audience is? You cannot reach and serve every body. We will narrow down your niche and define your target audience. 
  • Create 90 days worth of content that converts – The key to being successful when you start is to be prepared. We will work together to craft a quarterly content calendar that will help you stay on top of your social media channels and your blog in order to produce quality content that converts your readers into fans and turn them into customers 
  • Build your website + social media collaterals – Build your authority online with a website that will communicate trust and position you as a subject matter expert in your field. 
  • Build your email list  – You own your email list. While growing your social media following is great, the money is in your list. I’ll teach you how to launch your website with well over 100 subscribers 
  • Review and edit your website copy and first 5 blog post – As we define your target audience, we will find your voice and

Bonuses – You’ll receive

  • 52 Blog post ideas so you can post once a week for a whole year
  • Blog Post workbook to help you write blog post that are consistent and valuable
  • List of the best tools to use to help you run your blog and biz and simplify your life.
  • Email Automation set up + New subscribers welcome email template
  • 6 Biweekly coaching calls to strategize and keep you on track

Ready to level up?

Let Joie Design Studio propel you and your ideas to the next level!  I will make sure your project is tailored to your specific needs because my utmost concern is your satisfaction and the growth of your blog and business.

Investment $2,500